Yellow Jasper is a gemsona made by N.R. Wynter. A silent guardian who carefully watches over Cacoxenite.


Yellow Jasper is a typical quartz gem, being muscular with wide hips and long arms. Her cream colored hair is wild and stands upright. Beneath her curls are gold underlayers. Yellow Jasper's eyes are droopy to match with her long face. She has arched, bushy eyebrows to match with her hair, a small pointed nose, and plump lips. Part of her upper lip is painted a gold color. She has thin stripes going down her face and on her exposed leg. The jasper wears a bronze chest plate with gloves to match. On her shoulders are a dark brown shoulder cape with white trimmings. This goes with her pants and belt that wrap around her waist. For her tiny feet, Yellow Jasper sports mismatching brown shoes with an upside down V pattern seen throughout her outfit. Her gem is located on the back of her head.


To many, Yellow Jasper is aloof, intimidating, and scary. She often pops out of nowhere when no one expects it and gives a cold, expressionless stare to those who misbehave. The rumors about her are worse: talking about how bad her punishments are or how she brutally shatters gems on the battlefield. But to those who are in her inner circle know this isn't true. Yellow Jasper is actually shy, awkward, and doesn't know how to convey her emotions well. She gets nervous when she speaks to someone. When she attempts to talk, she tries to get as much out as possible. The problem is she talks too fast that others can't understand her. On top of that, her voice is very soft, almost speaking in a whisper. Because of this, she stays silent. Instead, she'll use body gestures to get her point across.

Yellow Jasper lacks social skills, but still tries to make friends. Her attempt come off as awkward or uncomfortable so many gems tend to avoid her. It doesn't help that the jasper doesn't like to express herself either. In fact, she's insecure about who she actually is instead of what people think of her so she refuses to talk about herself. When Yellow Jasper has successfully made a friend, she is very protective of them. She gets nervous if she hasn't seen them for too long. If anyone dares try to hurt them, Yellow Jasper will make sure it's the last thing they ever do. Not often seen, but the quartz sometimes shows a nurturing side to those she's close with. Yellow Jasper has a tendency or act oblivious to what's going on right in front of her. This is especially in the case for Cacoxenite, who seemingly ignore or deny any bad thing she commits.


Yellow Jasper has standard gem abilities. As a quartz gem, she is has incredible durability and strength.


  • Martial Arts: While lacking a proper weapon, Yellow Jasper can use melee attacks to fight. Most of her moves consist of blocking and waiting for the perfect moment to strike back.

Unique Abilities

  • Sound Manipulation: Yellow Jasper has a special ability that allows her to control sound within the surrounding area.
    • Muting: Yellow Jasper can absorb sound by creating a force field. In it, it removes the ability to speak or produce sound. She can decide how large the force field should be, but it can't expand more than a few feet. The effect wears off immediately either when Yellow Jasper drops the field or when someone leaves it. She normally uses this on Cacoxenite to avoid over-stimulation of her singing powers.  
  • Deflection: Yellow Jasper can create a small field created from vibrations, capable of deflecting attacks. The bigger the shield, the weaker it is. Yellow Jasper has only ever used this shield on Cacoxenite.


Yellow Jasper is a custom made soldier for Cacoxenite. One of her jobs was to help the aristocrat maintain her powers. Using sound manipulation, Yellow Jasper minimizes the bad side effects it caused. Doubling as a bodyguard, she protected Cacoxenite from deserters who may want to utilize her powers. Rumors had started to spread about Yellow Jasper being a terrifying, unemotional soldier. This had bothered her personally, but because of her lack of social skills, she couldn't detest it and chose to endure it in silence. However, Cacoxenite was the only gem to understand her true feelings. Over time, Yellow Jasper had grown attached to the tiny gem.

Eventually, she and Yellow Jasper were sent with a battalion of quartz soldiers to fight in the Gem War. Cacoxenite refused to fight and wanted to get back at the Diamond Authority for mistreating her kind. Her guard immediately followed suite, proclaiming she would serve her no matter where she'd go. Taking a good number of gems with her, Yellow Jasper ended up on a planet she, Cacoxenite, and the other gems eventually colonized. She had become Cacoxenite's second in command. This didn't last long as the group rebelled against her, lead by Cassis Pearl. Unable to fend off the group, Yellow Jasper grabbed Cacoxenite and ran off into the wilderness. She stayed with the former leader and willingly aid her in attempting to get her group back. 



Yellow Jasper considers this small gem her closest friend. She feels comfortable enough to talk to Cacoxenite and express herself in front of her. Despite being made to protect her, Yellow Jasper does so out of respect and care for Cacoxenite. She cares about her so much that Yellow Jasper turns a blind eye or intentionally remain ignorant to some of the aristocrat's actions. On slow days, the two of them like to spend time by dancing together.

Chevron Amethyst

A defective quartz from Yellow Jasper's battalion. She has tried to be friendly with Chevron Amethyst on several occasions. But like many of her attempts, she had only given the amethyst reasons to fear her. Because of Chevron Amethyst's rebellious nature, Yellow Jasper tries to keep a close eye on her by sending other gems to watch her.


  • Yellow Jasper can read lips. This is especially helpful when she absorbs sound.
  • If Yellow Jasper and Chevron Amethyst fused, they'd make an Amethyst Sage Agate.[1]
  • Chevron Amethyst and Yellow Jasper were designed together.
  • Yellow Jasper's character design was influenced by Cacoxenite. This is why they share common traits: the droopy eyes, eye color, hair (and head piece), the shoulder capes, and triangular patterns.


File:Yellow jasper extra2.jpg
  • Jaspers are an opaque variety of quartz.
    • Its chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and has a trigonal crystal system.
  • Impurities are the main reason jaspers are opaque and dense.
  • Jaspers can come in a variety of different colors, but the most common is red. Brown and yellow are two other common colors.
    • Yellow jasper gets its color from iron and additional inclusions that give the rock its vein-like patterns.
  • Jaspers are formed when fine particulate materials become compacted by silica and cemented into a solid mass.
  • A jasper's distinct pattern is determined by the flow and deposition of volcanic ash or silica sediments.
  • The rock grows on soft sedimentary rocks, but can be found on igneous and metamorphic too.
  • A very common rock, jaspers can be found all around the world.
  • The name comes from the Greek word iaspis meaning “spotted” or “speckled stone”.
  • While it's commonly used as a decorative stone, there's evidence jasper have been used for weapons between the 4th and 5th millennium BC.
  • Yellow jasper is called the stone of discernment. It helps reveal false people and deflect negativity from gossip and rumors.
    • As a companion stone, yellow jasper guides through one's life and helps them keep moving forward. It promotes self-confidence, courage, and forge relationships.
    • Jaspers in general are natural nurturing stones said to provide relaxation, health, and protection.


Image Description
Yellow Jasper's gem is an arched cabochon cut located on the back of her head. It's pale yellow featuring gold and brown stripes.


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