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Tugtupite, nicknamed "Hearty", is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She's the bashful member of a group of tugtupites who work for Homeworld.


Hearty is an incredibly small Gem, even compared to Gems like Cacoxenite and Sapphire. She has light pink skin and white hair tied in a squared ponytail. The top portion of her face is covered by a large helmet, only exposing her mouth, sideburns, and chin. On the front of the helmet is a yellow diamond insignia. Underneath her helmet are large eyes[2]. Hearty wears a large reddish pink chest plate over a white under suit with burgundy sleeves and leggings. Like other tugtupites, she wears oversized shoes and gloves. Hearty's gemstone is located on her chest.


Hearty is a bashful and sensitive Gem with a deep love her everything around her, including her own teammates. She is constantly looking out for their well being, even if Hearty tends to overstep her boundaries. [3]

Due to the nature of her kind, Hearty is great with teamwork.


Hearty has standard Gem abilities.

Being more intune with her emotions, Hearty looks out for the mental well being of her group. She is willing to provide and support them with whatever they need.


Natural Abilities:

  • Photokinesis: Hearty can use her gemstone to light up dark places.


  • Hearty was created for gemsona-hq's monthly gemsona challenge.



Tugtupite in real life.

  • Tugtupite, also called reindeer stone, is a type of tectosilicate.
    • Its chemical composition is Na4BeAlSi4O12Cl has a MOHS scale hardness of 4, and has a tetragonal crystal system.
  • It occurs as a replacement for chkalovite in hydrothermal veins and as an alteration mineral in alkalic massif pegamtites.
  • Tugtupite is tenebrescent: when it's exposed to ultraviolet light will give it deep pink and red colors. When stored in a dark place, the color fades.
  • The gem is also piezoelectric.
  • Tugtupite can be found in Greenland, Canada, and Russia.
  • The mineral got its name from discovery locality: Tugtup Agtâkorfia, Narsaq municipality, Greenland.
    • Tugtup means "reindeer" in Greenlandic Inuit language.
  • Metaphysically, tugtupite is a stone of unconditional love, passion, fertility, and life. While it improves romance, it also assists with other types of loves like familial and self-love.


Image Description
Hearty's gemstone is located on her chest. It is a reddish pink octagonal facet with a dark red ring.



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