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Titanite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Yellow Diamond.


Titanite has standard Gem abilities.

Unique Abilities

  • Plasma Manipulation[1]: A result from Fire Agate's pyrokinesis and Yellow Diamond's electrokinesis. She can create and control plasma.
  • Heat Resistance: Originating from Fire Agate, Titanite is able to withstand extreme temperatures.


  • According to N.R. Wynter, any fusions involving Fire Agate and the diamonds will either be metallic or display high dispersion or iridescence.[2]



Titanite in real life.

  • Titanite, also known as sphene, is a rare titanium mineral.
    • Its chemical composition is CaTi(SiO4)O, has a MOHS scale hardness of 5 to 5 ½, and has a monoclinic crystal system.
  • The color ranges from yellow to yellowish-green, green, orange, brown, or reddish.
    • Iron is the main contributor to titanite's color.
  • Titanite can be found in granitic and calcium-rich metamorphic rocks.
  • Titanite has high dispersion.
  • It was first discovered in 1787.
  • They can be found in Brazil, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Austria, Sri Lanka, and the United States.
  • The terms sphene and titanite are interchangeable within mineraology.
    • However, sphene is more commonly used in gemology.
    • Titanite is named after its titanium content. It was meant to replace the word sphene.
    • Sphene derives from the Greek word sphen, meaning "wedge", alluding to its crystal formation
  • Metaphysically, titanite is called the stone of organization. It promotes clear thinking, mental clarity, creativity, organization skills, discipline, and knowledge. Titanite helps focus on one’s will, quickness, and learning.
    • Additionally, titanite promotes calmness and protection from negative energies.