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This Section Contains Non-Canon Information
‎‎The following section contains information that isn't canon in Steven Universe and purely made up by N.R. Wynter and friends.

This page overviews historical and important events of Steven Universe and gemsonas on the wiki. Canon events are italicized.

Ancient History

Over 10,000 Years Ago

  • The Great Injector Malfunction begins. This spirals gem society into a temporary resource crisis.
  • Eye Agate is granted permission by Yellow Diamond to launch a special program to train defected soldiers.
  • Charoite and other scientists started production of gem drones. The project was a failure.
  • Fire Agate and Dendritic Agate were created in separate Gem Kindergartens.
  • The Gems that caused the Great Injector Malfunction are apprehended and promptly shattered.
  • Homeworld's resource crisis slowly smooths out.

Over 6,000 Years Ago

  • Kaolinite is created.
  • After several failures, the higher ups pulled the plug on Charoite's gem shard research.
  • Pink Diamond and Homeworld Gems arrive on Earth.
    • While pretending to monitor gem production on Earth, Charoite secretly continues his original research.
    • Kaolinite begins creating new statues for the new colony.
  • The Prime Kindergarten is established and gem production begins.

Over 5,750 Years Ago

Around 5,500 Years Ago

  • The Rebellion officially begins.[1]
  • Charoite, Quahog Pearl, and Kaolinite end up underneath the ground. They begin the gem sculpture experiments.
  • Grape Agate runs away from her duties and joins the Rebellion.
  • All Rose Quartz Gems are bubbled for Rose Quartz's (or the assumed form of Pink Diamond) treasion.

Over 5,000 Years Ago

  • Fire Agate and her battalion arrive on Earth to fight the rebels.
  • Fire Agate's battalion begins to perish.
  • The Beta Kindergarten is established mid-way through the Rebellion to make new soldiers.
  • Quahog Pearl is shattered after getting caught in a battle between Homeworld and Crystal Gems. Kaolinite collects her shards.
  • Pink Diamond fakes her shattering and permanently becomes Rose Quartz.
  • The Rebellion escalates and takes place in the Gem Battlefield. Many Gems Warriors fall.
    • Grape Agate abandons the Rebellion.
  • Jasper (Big Red) is shattered.
  • In an attempt to save her remaining soldiers, Fire Agate makes her last stand. She is eventually defeated by a Garnet.
  • Fire Agate is placed inside a clay seal.
  • A large number of rebels are captured.
    • Tiger's Eye (Crystal Gem) and Hematite are shattered.

Over 4,500 Years Ago

  • Lavender Chalcedony and Dendritic Agate get stuck underground.
  • Homeworld evacuates Earth.
    • The Diamonds set up a flash of light, corrupting all Gems caught in it.
  • Amethyst Sage Agate, the fusion of Lavender Chalcedony and Dendritic Agate, escape and resurface.

Unknown - Ancient History

  • Charoite is created and begins his research into shattered gems.
  • Charoite's research leads to several breakthroughs, resulting his promotion as head scientist.
    • He receives a pearl for his success.
  • Cluster experiments begin.
  • Corrupted gems eventually discover Charoite and Kaolinite's underground lab.
    • Charoite holds off the monsters with his gem sculptures while Kaolinite escapes with their research,
    • Charoite manages to survive the assault, but ends up accidentally destroying his physical form.
  • Kaolinite sets up a new lab.
  • Charoite regenerates.
  • Homeworld's resources begin to plummet, resulting in Era 2 Gem production.
  • Petoskey Stone breaks away from the Elder Gems.
  • Rainbow Moonstone and Sunstone meet for the first time.

Recent Events

20th Century

21st Century