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Thunderstorm Fluorite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is a hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Lapis Lazuli.


Thunderstorm Fluorite has standard Gem abilities.


Unique Abilities

  • Thunderstorm Manipulation[1]: Thunderstorm Fluorite's signature ability. Combining fire and water allows her to create as well as control thunder and lightning storms.
  • Pyrokinesis: Thunderstorm Fluorite retains some of Fire Agate's fire manipulation. She can create and manipulate fire..
  • Hydrokinesis: Inherited from Lapis Lazuli, Thunderstorm Fluorite can create and manipulate water. She can use it to create water wings, walk on water, and create clones from liquids.
  • Heat Resistance: An ability obtained from Fire Agate, Thunderstorm Fluorite is immune to high temperatures.
  • Memory Projection: Thunderstorm Fluorite is able to project the memories of both Lapis Lazuli and Fire Agate on a reflective surface.


  • Thunderstorm Fluorite's pupils move across all four eye sockets.


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Thunderstorm fluorite in real life.

  • Thunderstorm fluorite, or simply fluorite, is the founding mineral of the fluorite group.
    • Its chemical composition is CaF2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 4, and has an isometric crystal system.
  • They are found in rock veins by hydrothermal processes as well a cavities and fractures of dolomites and limestones.
  • Color zoning and banding is commonly present in fluorite.
  • It's claimed to be the world's most colorful mineral for its extensive variety of different colors.
  • It was the first mineral to exhibit fluorescence.
  • Fluorites are one of the most popular minerals in the world.
  • It's been used for metallurgical, ceramics, as flux, chemical industries, and lenses for microscopes, telescopes, and cameras.
  • The mineral serves as the best source for fluorine.
  • Fluorite derives from the Latin verb fluo meaning 'to flow', referring to fluorite's use as a flux in steel and aluminum processing.
  • Metaphysically, fluorite represents discernment, truth, intellect, protection, aptitude, purpose, order, and clarity. It's a calming stone that helps rid the wearer of mental "chatter" to think more clearly.
    • Fluorite also helps with focus and concentration. It is a good stone for learning.