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Super Seven Quartz is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. They are the hypothetical fusion of Lavender Chalcedony, Bronzite, and Dendritic Agate.


Super Seven Quartz have standard Gem abilities.




Super seven quartz in real life.

  • Super seven quartz, also known as melody stone, sacred seven, or simply super seven, is a quartz variety.
    • It has a chemical composition of SiO2, a hardness of 6½ - 7, and a trigonal crystal system.
  • It's an impure quartz containing goethite, hematite, rutile, amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz.
    • There are claims that cacoxenite and lepidocrocite are among the components, but in reality, are never present.
  • Brazil is the best source for these quartz gems.
  • Quartz is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.
  • The majority of quartz crystallizes in molten magma and hot hydrothermal veins.
  • Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth.
  • The name quartz comes from the German word quarz, derived from the Slavic word twardy meaning "hard".
  • Metaphysically, super seven quartz is a highly spiritual stone. It promotes clarity, energy, luck, love, intuition, protection, power, healing, and psychic development.
    • It's said super seven quartz has the power to heal all seven chakras.