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Rainforest Rhyolite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. They are the hypothetical fusion of Pallasite, Fire Agate, and Lavender Chalcedony.


Rainforest Rhyolite has standard Gem abilities.



  • Rainforest rhyolite, also incorrectly called rainforest jasper, is a rhyolite variety.
    • Rhyolites are composed of orthoclase, quartz, plagioclase, micas, and amphiboles. It has a hardness of 6- 7.
  • These are a specific variety that can be found by Mt. Hay, Australia.
  • It's believed rainforest rhyolites are 120 millions years old.
  • They're associated with thundereggs.
  • Rainforest rhyolite comes in varying shades of green, brown, red and cream-white.
  • Rhyolites are produced from volcanic eruptions, usually granitic magma.
  • Vesicular and/or spherulitic structures are very common in rhyolites.
  • Their cavities are usually filled with opal, tridymite, chalcedony, jasper, and agate.
  • Rhyolite's name originates from the German word "rhyolit", which came from Greek rhaux (lava stream or flow) and lithos (stone).
  • Metaphysically, rainforest rhyolite is a stone of resolution, progress, and perseverance. It encourages completion by improving problem-solving and communication.
    • Said to also be the stone of life on Earth and its living things. It helps the owner find joy as well as awareness in the simplicity of life.
    • Additionally, rainforest rhyolite represents acceptance, change, creativity, balance, protection, self-esteem, emotional stability, and gregariousness.