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Pyrochlore is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is the hypothetical fusion of Fire Agate and Pilyorosas' Fire Opal.



Pyrochlore in real life.

  • Pyrochlore is a complex oxide mineral.
    • Its chemical composition is (Na,Ca)2Nb2O6(OH,F), has a MOHS scale hardness of 5 - 5.5, and has an isometric crystal system.
  • It is found in alkaline rocks, their associated pegmatites, metamorphic contact zones, and greisen.
  • It comes in red, brown, orange, yellow, greenish brown, reddish brown, and yellowish brown.
  • It was discovered in the 1820s.
  • Pyrochlore is radioactive.
  • Its name comes from a combination of Greek pyr meaning "fire" and chloros "green". This is an allusion to the fact pyrochlore turns green on ignition.