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Peanut Wood is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is a hypothetical fusion of Dendritic Agate and Pallasite.


Peanut Wood has standard Gem abilities.



  • Peanut wood is a variety of petrified wood.
  • It is recognized for its dark brown color and creamy white ovoid markings.
  • Peanut wood originated from a conifer and podocarp called Araucaria.
  • When driftwood sank to the bottom of ancient shallow seas, it would be attacked by shipworms. The wood settled into mud and the numerous borings made by the shipworms were filled with radiolarian sediments resulting in the white spots.
  • Peanut wood is usually located alongside Windalia Radiolarite.
  • They originate from the Cretaceous period (120 million years ago).
  • Peanut wood can only be found in the western edge of the Kennedy Ranges, Australia.
  • Metaphysically, peanut wood encourages strength, mental stability, keep one focused during the right times, provide support during crises, and help make good decisions.
    • It can recall past lives to help one learn from mistakes or errors.
    • Peanut wood is recognized to boost levels of enjoyment and excitement in the day to day activities.
    • As a petrified wood variety, it's a good grounding stone that help stabilize one's emotions, calming survival-based fears, and bring about a feeling or safety and security.