Pallasite is the gemsona version of N.R. Wynter's character Hailey. A defective Gem who served Homeworld until she accidentally crash landed on Earth. Now she enjoys the planet's simple lifestyle as a postman and cook.


Pallasite is close to passing off as a human, being lanky and averagely tall. Her skin is a light orange color decorated in freckles. Pallasite has a rectangular head with sharp jawline, large eyes, and a pointed, upturned nose. Buck teeth with a visible gap can be seen, regardless whether she has her mouth open or closed. When she smiles, Pallasite has noticeable dimples. She is missing both of her lower legs thus she usually wears her limb enhancers.

Her outfit consists of a black and white suit with brown and orange stripes going around various limbs. Her elbows and kneecaps have yellow circular pads. Pallasite's limb enhancers matches the lower part of her sleeves. They look like white boots with yellow toned heel. The sole is a dark honey color. She also wears large yellow ear pads which overlap her red-orange hair. Inbetween them is a bright orange visor. Pallasite's gemstone is located on her naval.


Described as a happy and chipper Gem that's always seen with a smile on her face. Pallasite is a social butterfly, being an extrovert that loves to be in a large group. It's very easy for her to make friends. Very talkative and prone to talking over others or unable to stop once she starts. This isn't intentional, but Pallasite hasn't made an effort to fix it. She also can't keep secrets and not a stranger to give out personal information. Quite a fan of gossip as well.

A bit brash, but has a big heart. Pallasite likes to be a big motivator to others. She herself has clear goals on what she wants to do and achieve and wants to give this confidence to others. Loves to hear about the hopes and dreams of others, she'll actively encourage them to proceed them. She has an almost fantasy-like idea that if people put their minds to anything, they can achieve it. Pallasite is quite affectionate and loves giving both strangers and friends hugs. Although she respects personal space if they ask her to stop.

On the other hand, Pallasite undermines the consequences of her actions. In fact, she doesn't put in a lot of thought into what she does most of the time. Pallasite isn't afraid of a lot of things and this courage has lead her to make many mistakes. It doesn't help she's oblivious of many things, including people and their feelings. Pallasite is simple minded. Being used to Gems who act similar to her, she can't really understand how any one would act or think differently. Thus, it also gives her a stubbornness that's not easily broken. Naive to the world, Pallasite has a poor understanding at how the world works. Both on Homeworld and Earth, she has lived in a bubble where negativity is hard to thrive. She has a hard time registering them to boot. Pallasite is prone to extreme jealousy and pettiness. Although she's easy to anger, it passes just as quickly.

Very active and excitable, Pallasite likes to keep herself busy. She'll take on multiple tasks at once and see them through. The Gem also likes keeping herself active. This makes her expressive as well as easily readable. Living on Earth has given her several hobbies. Pallasite likes taking walks, cooking, and bird watching. And despite being around advanced Gem technology, she has a fascination with human aircrafts.


Pallasite has standard Gem abilities.


Pallasite's limb enhancers.

As a non-combat Gem, Pallasite has no experience in fighting. She is much better regarding to navigation. Unable to generate her lower legs, she wears limb enhancers. This however doesn't hinder her other Gem abilities, such as fusing or shape shifting.


List of fusions for Pallasite.

Unique Abilities:

  • Magnetism Manipulation: Pallasite has minor manipulation over existing magnetism.
    • Compass Sense: Pallasite has a natural sense of direction. By sensing nearby magnetic fields, she can use it to navigate and locate areas of interest. 
    • Magnetokinetic Flight: This gives Pallasite the ability to levitate, glide, and fly by manipulating magnetic fields. 
    • Metal Manipulation: Pallasite has limited control over certain metals like iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys. 
  • Enhanced Speed: Thanks to her limb enhancers, Pallasite can travel great distances in a short timespan.


Pallasite was one of the last Era 1 Gems to be made. Her original occupation was to deliver messages to several high ranking Gems, mainly agates. Although she was sent to Earth a few times, Pallasite didn't get involved with the Gem War. Postwar tensions remained, prompting Gem scientists and technicians to create a more secure communication devices. This development made pallasites obsolete. Due to Homeworld's growing resource crisis, Pallasite and her kind were repurposed as pilots.

Pallasite underwent training with one of her old clients, Montana Agate. She had accidentally set the ship into hyperdrive and zoomed off into the deepest parts of space. By the time Pallasite regained control over it, it crashed landed on Earth. She was surprised to see such a vast difference in lifestyles humans had. At first, she thought she'd get a taste and then call back to Homeworld to get picked up. After spending decades on the planet, Pallasite was content to stay there. She is currently working multiple jobs as a postman and cook.


Montana Agate

One of Pallasite's oldest clients. They seem to be pretty close as she refers to Montana Agate as "Monty".


  • Experiencing a Gem spaceship in hyperdrive gave Pallasite motion sickness.
    • This is odd given the fact she is used to high speeds before. 
    • And despite this experience, she loves Earth's aircraft technology. This might be because its speed is more manageable than Homeworld's. 
  • She has a slight southern drawl.
  • Pallasite was mainly chosen for Hailey because of its metaphysical properties.[1]
  • Originally, she was going to be Hailey's Comet Opal.


Tumblr n0qsp4Ly5j1rlaporo1 500

Pallasite in real life.

  • Pallasite is a stony-iron meteorite.
  • It consists of centimeter-sized olivine crystals in an iron-nickel matrix.
    • Pallasite may also have minor constituents, including schreibersite, troilite, chromite, pyroxenes, and phosphates.
  • The current theory of where pallasites come from the interfaces of stony mantles and metal cores of a layered planetoid.
  • Only 61 pallasites are known to date.
  • There are four accounts of observed falls so far. They took place in Italy, Japan, and two in Russia.
  • Although pallasites are rare, there are many locations around the world that yielded large findings.
  • Currently the largest pallasite meteorite is located in Brenham, Kansas of the United States with a mass of mass of 650 kilograms (1,430 lb). It was discovered in October, 2005 by geologist Philip Mani and meteorite hunter Steve Arnold.
    • It beats the original record holder, which was found in the same area. "The Space Wanderer" was discovered in 1949 by collector H.O. Stockwell. It has a mass of  650 kilograms (1,430 lb).
  • The name originated from German naturalist Peter Pallas who found a specimen in the mountains of Siberia.
  • Metaphysically, pallasites aids in prosperity, abundance, and emotional stability. It encourages reconciliation and bringing thoughtfulness into action.
    • Pallasite deals with fear of flying and assisting in astral travel.
    • Meteorites in general represent inner vision, spiritual awareness, and communication.


Image Description
Pallasite's gemstone is located on her naval. It's a mostly gray oval shaped cabochon cut. The base of her gemstone is metallic. There are three circular shaped, yellow crystals diagonally across from each other.



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