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Nebula Stone is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. They are the hypothetical fusion of Lavender Chalcedony, Pallasite, and Dendritic Agate.


Nebula Stone has standard Gem abilities.



  • Nebula stone is a type of alkalic igneous volcanic rock.
  • It's composed of several minerals: quartz, anorthoclase, riebeckite, aegirine, arfedsonite and zircon.
  • The groundmass is said to be composed of quartz and anorthoclase.
  • Nebula stone's green spheres are radiating riebeckite fibers with with fine grained aegirine.
  • There is a bit of controversy surrounding this material and a similar species called kabamba or kambaba stone. The discoverers of nebula stone claim the opposite material isn't the same.
    • However, deeper research into kabamba stone's composition shows it and nebula stone are similar in origin. They are both a form of igneous, volcanic rock made of similar minerals. The only real difference is their coloring.
      • Both nebula stone and kabamba stone have been referred to as eldarite, though this is an unofficial name.
  • Metaphysically, nebula stone promotes grounding, vitality, memory, recall, awareness, non-duality, unity, removing fear, and helping one let go to "make room for the new".