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Mojave Turquoise is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. It is a cluster gem composed of several turquoise gems.


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Mojave turquoise in real life.

  • Mojave turquoise, also spelled mohave turquoise, is a man made composited material created from real turquoise.
    • Turquoise has a chemical composition of Cu(Al,Fe3+)6(PO4)4(OH)8 · 4H2O, a hardness of 5 - 6, and a triclinic crystal system.
  • It is turquoise nuggets bonded together by other minerals or metals (such as pyrite and copper) and colored polymers. This achieved by a hydraulic press.
  • Mojave turquoise is often dyed and comes in shades of purple, green, red, and orange.
  • They originated from Kingman Turquoise mine in Kingman, Arizona, but have been replicated by other sellers.
  • Turquoises are found in potassic alteration zone of hydrothermal porphyry copper deposits.
  • Since it's made of real turquoise, it can technically be considered as a traditional birthstone for December and used to celebrate 11th wedding anniversaries.
  • The name mojave comes from a native (Yuman) name, hamakhaav, containing aha meaning "water". It is possible the turquoise is named after the Mohave, Indian people of the Colorado river valley found in Arizona, California, and Nevada.
    • Turquoise's name comes from an old French word “turques” or “turquois” meaning “Turkish”, in reference to how it came to Europe via Turkey through Asian Minor.
  • Metaphysically, turquoise is called the stone of the sky. Traditional belief states the stone is connected to the sky, sending its energies down to Earth. It also represents truth, wisdom, health, protection, grounding, and communication.