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Melo Melo Pearl is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is Gedanite's pearl.



Melo melo pearl in real life.

  • Melo melo pearl is a non-nacreous pearl. This means it's made without nacre.
    • Technically, it shouldn't be classified as a pearl. Rather, it's should be classified as calcareous concretions. However, many still call them pearls for convenience.
  • The formation of non-nacreous pearls are similar to nacreous pearls. It starts when a foreign object get stuck inside shellfish and it secretes liquid around it as a defense mechanism. But instead of nacre, it creates concentric layers around the nucleus.
  • Non-nacreous pearls are less durable than nacreous pearls and are prone to cracking.
  • Melo melo pearls come from the melo melo sea snail, a member of the volutes.
  • They are usually found in the South China Sea.
  • Melo melo pearls are commonly tan to brown in color, but orange to orange-reds are more sought out for.
  • They are very rare as it's uncommon for these sea snails to produce pearls.
  • Pearls are birthstones for June. They are also the national gemstone of the Philippines.
  • The name pearl comes from the Latin world perna meaning "leg". This is in reference to the ham-leg shape of the bivalve mollusk.
  • Pearls metaphysically represent purity, integrity, and loyalty. It gains one wisdom from experience and help cement engagements and love.
    • Pearls with orange colors represent sociality, playfulness, warmth, desire, emotions, courage, success, relationships, power, happiness, strength, authority, and endurance.