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Jet (specifically Jet Facet 3R1B Cut 9VC) is a gem character created by ADB-Fantasy. She is a very old gem, made to cover a wide range of different labour projects. After becoming obsolete in the eyes of homeworld, she joined a crew of rogue gem pirates, before eventually leaving them over moral concerns. Now she has become a member of the Astro Gems, where her primary duty is maintaining and expanding the team's base.


Jet wears dark grey, brown-buttoned overalls with an Astro Gem logo on her chest, and a long-sleeved lighter grey undershirt. She has fingerless gloves, and shoes with brown stripes at the top, both of which are an even darker shade of grey. Her hair is kept in a ponytail, and her gemstone is located on her forehead.

Pirate Jet

In her pirate attire, Jet has knee-high boots and elbow-length gloves, with purple Xs marking each. She bears a purple X logo on the chest of her overalls as well.


Jet is a blunt, straightforward speaker with a very dry sense of humour. It's hard to make her genuinely angry, but she comments regularly on anything she considers strange, irritating or wrong. She prefers to solve problems with the most practical solutions available, discounting any options which she deems morally unacceptable. Jet is also an astonishingly hard worker; she spends most of her time working on the base and its defenses, devoting spare time to side projects. She does not usually take an interest in other hobbies, because her work alone is enough to keep her satisfied. Jet also enjoys training with Fire Agate; formal military training is unfamiliar enough that it is exciting and new to her, yet she has enough experience with combat to follow along competently.

However, Jet struggles with depression, and she has a very low sense of self-esteem. She personally blames herself for the consequences of everything she helped build, and she often feels guilt over past constructions. Additionally, she feels as though she currently lacks a purpose, and harbours resentment towards homeworld for deeming her gem type obsolete. She will not hesitate to express whatever she is upset about, but she is not very good at venting her emotions. If something significantly upsets her, she will devote herself entirely to her work until someone talks to her about the problem. 


Jet has standard Gem abilities.



  • Pickaxe Proficiency: Jet's weapon is a pickaxe, meant for both mining and self-defense. She lacks formal military training, but she can deliver heavy blows to attackers.
    • Bomb Launcher: Jet can fire bombs from the top of her pickaxe, which explode after several seconds.
    • Dual-Wielding: Jet is capable of dual-wielding her pickaxes if the situation calls for it
  • Engineering Expertise: Jet is extremely skilled at constructing and repairing structures. She can develop a clear mental image of something from blueprints alone, and she can analyze a building's characteristics in great detail just by observing it. Even if a structure is in a damaged state, and no blueprints are available, she can very easily determine how it was most likely meant to appear.
  • Geology Knowledge: Jet has extensive knowledge of geological phenomena, and she is very familiar with different types of rock. This information is meant to maximize her effectiveness as a miner, but it is also relevant if a structure is being built in or around rock formations.
  • Moderate Mechanical Knowledge: Jet has some knowledge of robotics and machinery, acquired through observations of mechanically-skilled gems and the independent analysis of machinery she finds.

Unique Abilities

  • Rock Manipulation: Jet can control nearby rocks, levitating them freely. This includes rocks layered beneath the soil, which can be unearthed if she has need of them.
    • Boulder Throw: After levitating a rock, Jet can telekinetically toss it in a straight line or an arc.
    • Boulder Barrier: Jet can use levitating rocks as a shield, blocking attacks or even bludgeoning nearby enemies. She can also use these rocks as platforms.
    • Pebble Barrage: By breaking down the rocks she pulls up, Jet can fire a stream of small, sharp rocks at her foes. They do not do much damage individually, but they can be fired continuously for long periods of time.
    • Rock Wall: Jet can pull up rocks in the shape of a pillar or wall, creating a thick barrier that alters the terrain in Jet's favour
    • Rock Spike: Jet can project a sharp spike of solid rock from any rocky surface, or even from beneath the soil
    • Earthquake: If the nearby terrain contains enough rock, Jet can create localized earthquakes.
  • Vibration Senses: Jet can detect any vibration in the nearby terrain, no matter how small.


Jet was originally a worker for homeworld – one of the oldest models ever created. Jets were made to be able to fulfill a wide variety of functions, in order to account for any possible problem. She was both a miner and a construction worker, so she would often personally supervise the extraction of materials for her own projects. Jets would also be called in to repair damaged structures, even in the heat of battle. Their ability to defend themselves while working was extremely valuable, and they could manipulate the terrain to give their side their advantage. However, when advanced technology and newer gems began to appear, Jets started to be valued exclusively for their earth manipulation powers. More and more of her gem type were deployed in unfamiliar military-focused roles, and Jet was afraid that she would also suffer this fate. 

When the Earth Colony started experiencing problems, homeworld wanted all the help it could get. Jet was immensely grateful for the opportunity to continue serving her traditional role, although she knew that sooner or later her original dilemma would return. When it became clear that Homeworld was going to abandon the colony, Jet was afraid of what would happen to her. It was then that she met Purple Tanzanite, the captain of a rogue all-gem pirate crew. The pirates offered her a position in their crew, and she acccepted in order to escape her impending obsoletion. During her time with the pirates, she began to learn of unfamiliar ideas regarding individuality and identity, and she started to design projects purely for her own sake.

Unforunately, the pirates included gems in the list of things they were willing to steal, and some of these gems ended up in an artistic collection. Eventually, Jet left the pirates because of this practice, which she felt that she could not longer tolerate. She felt guilt and doubt the moment her departure had been finalized, as she still viewed the pirates as very close friends. In her mind, she had betrayed them, and she had no idea what to do on her own. For a long time, she wandered the Earth, learning about human culture in lieu of anything else to do.

Her first impression of the Astro Gems was a violent encounter with their leader, Fire Agate. Jet had not known of their presence in the area prior to arriving, but her powers ensured that she could not be taken by surprise. After Blue Obsidian defused the situation, she explained herself to them without, deliberately avoiding many of the details involving the pirates. They eventually offered her a spot in their team, which she hesitantly decided to accept. Now she is a valued and trusted member of the team, and she has come to view all of the Astro Gems as her family.


Fire Agate

Jet respects Fire Agate as a leader, and eventually as a friend. Since Fire Agate is so authoritative, Jet is very happy to follow her lead dutifully. This keeps her out of the spotlight and free from the pressures of leadership. That being said, Jet sometimes becomes exasperated by Fire Agate's temper, and by her tendency to take things too literally.

Blue Obsidian

Jet admires Blue Obsidian for their optimistic friendliness, and she views them as being a much better person than her. She also thinks their silly antics are endearing, and she usually plays plays along with whatever Blue is doing. However, sometimes they can be a little too overwhelming for her, and in these situations she needs some time to relax.

Red Obsidian

Jet considers Red Obsidian to be her best friend, and she will happily spend longs periods of time quietly hanging out with them. Because of Jet's own depression, their tendency to brood is very relatable to her. She finds Red's insistence upon edgy grittiness to be amusing, but she also thinks that Red's costumes genuinely look cool. She is quick to reassure Red when they feel nervous, and she can get very protective if people repeatedly mock them.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Jet appreciate's Watermelon Tourmaline's peaceful nature, and she finds it very easy to get along with her. Jet does not know her as well as she knows the other Astro Gems, and she knows even less about Watermelon Tourmaline's individual halves. She is content to leave the fusion be, however, since she never causes Jet any trouble.

Purple Tanzanite

Jet is still very fond of her adventurous former captain, due to the close friendship they had while she was a part of the crew. Even though the Astro Gems as an organization consider the pirates to be enemies, she cannot bring herself to truly regard them as such. She continues to view Purple Tanzanite as a very close friend, and she would trust her if circumstances led to them working together. 

Blue Tanzanite

Jet is not particularly fond of Blue Tanzanite individually, but she can understand why Purple Tanzanite is infatuated with her. For the sake of her former captain, Jet is very hesitant to inflict any permanent harm on Blue Tanzanite, but she is not similarly averse to painful temporary punishments. 


  • Jet builds security robots for the Astro Gems, so that they can repel intruders and better defend against assaults.
    • The robots will attack unrecognized Gems with intent to dissipate physical forms, but they will never use lethal force against organic creatures.
    • The largest of these robots are slow, mobile sentries disguised as trees.
    • She has also built turrets for the base's exterior and interior, which can emerge from panels in the wall.
  • Jet is fascinated by the incredible diversity of human architecture, and she loves travelling to different parts of the world.
  • Jet's favourite superhero is Wonder Woman.
  • Jet enjoys jazz music, particularly the café-style variety.
  • When she fuses, Jet uses the foxtrot style of ballroom dance.
  • Jet has taken an interest in sculpting as a hobby.
  • Jet likes to watch bad movies and TV shows, or play bad video games, and comment on them for fun.
  • Jet hates modern mining technology, and she thinks drills are highly overrated.
  • Jet thinks moles are cute.
  • Jet's serial number is based on major dates in the history of the real-life Jet gemstone.


  • Jet also called Whibly jet, is a hard black form of lignite.
  • It is often formed from the decomposition of wood, especially from trees of the Araucariaaceae family.
  • It is not a mineral, but rather a mineraloid.
  • It served as a historical precursor to coal.
  • A jet can have a hardness ranging from 2½ to 4.
  • Jets from the Whibly area in Yorkshire, England are the most desired.
  • Historically, it was popular as a gemstone in Romain Britain, Victorian England and 1920s America.
  • Jet's name originates from "gagates" that comes from Greek gagates lithos meaning "stone of Gages".
  • Metaphysically, jet is a stone of ancient protection. It's said to drive away evil spirits, protect your finances, and aid against psychic attacks. It helps absorb and purify all negative energies as well as dispels them.
    • Also called a stone of sympathy, it helps assists and ease pain. 


Image Description
Jet has a smooth, black oval-shaped gemstone on her forehead. It's a cabochon cut.



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