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Jasper, nicknamed Big Red, is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She was an off color jasper from the Beta Kindergarten. Big Red joined the Crystal Gems during the Rebellion and was eventually shattered. Her gem shards were fused with others, becoming Tiger Iron.


Big Red was a very tall off colored jasper said to be twice the size of an average quartz Gem. Her limbs, while toned, were thinner that went with her giant hands and feet. Big Red had a rectangular head with big red eyes, a long nose, and a small mouth. Along the sides of her face were dark gray markings. She had a large almost mane-like white hair that wrapped over her shoulders and traveled down her chest. Below her chin was a black star symbol. Her forked tongue, which was always seen sticking out, was plum colored. Just above the tip of her tongue was her gemstone.

Big Red's outfit was relatively simple. She wore a red leotard with a black belt. It featured high gloves that covered her middle fingers. Around her calves were gray leggings.


Big Red was a fairly naive and immature Gem. She came fresh out of the Beta Kindergarten and didn't know anything outside of her intended role. Often defiant, she didn't like being told what to do.

She loved to talk with others and had a child-like curiosity with the world around her. One of Big Red's favorite hobbies was singing, even when her tongue made it hard to do so.


Big Red, despite being an off color, had standard Gem abilities.

Big Red's defectiveness didn't hinder her combat wise, although she lacked experience. As she was a new Gem, she only knew the basics in fighting and had no proper training. Big Red never had a weapon, but utilized her unique abilities to fight.

Unique Abilities:

  • Supernatural Leap: With Big Red's height and long legs, she was able to jump at incredibly distances and land safely on her feet. She used this move to jump and stomp on enemies.
  • Enhanced Climbing: Big Red was capable on climbing on any surface.
  • Tongue Whip: Big Red could use her long, forked tongue to deliver powerful blows at opponents. She didn't use this much due to her gemstone placement.[1]
  • Spin Dash: A common power among most quartz Gems. Big Red was able to take on a giant ball-shape and roll into enemies.


Big Red had a relatively short life. She was created in the Beta Kindergarten when Homeworld needed extra soldiers. One way or another, the giant jasper decided to join the Crystal Gems instead. Big Red had fought alongside them for a while and began learning things outside her initial purpose. During the Gem War, she was shattered in a fight.

Because Homeworld could no longer colonize the planet, they decided to use it for geo-weapons. Gem scientists started on the Cluster project and made numerous prototypes from the gem shards of fallen Crystal Gems. Big Red's gem shards were collected from the battlefield where they were forcefully fused with two others. The end result created Tiger Iron.


  • Her design was based on frogs.
  • She was made for October's gemsona challenge, as her shards make up Tiger Iron.


  • Jaspers are an opaque variety of quartz.
    • Its chemical composition is SIO2, has a MOHS scale hardness of 6.5 - 7, and has a trigonal crystal system.
  • Impurities are the main reason jaspers are opaque and dense.
  • Jaspers can come in a variety of different colors, but the most common is red. Brown and yellow are two other common colors.
  • Jaspers are formed when fine particulate materials become compacted by silica and cemented into a solid mass.
  • A jasper's distinct pattern is determined by the flow and deposition of volcanic ash or silica sediments.
  • The rock grows on soft sedimentary rocks, but can be found on igneous and metamorphic too.
    • Agate and opal often grow with jasper.
  • A very common rock, jaspers can be found all around the world.
  • The name comes from the Greek word iaspis meaning “spotted” or “speckled stone”.
  • While it's commonly used as a decorative stone, there's evidence jasper have been used for weapons between the 4th and 5th millennium BC.
  • Metaphysically, jaspers are called the supreme nurturing stones. They provide relaxation, health, contentment, compassion, strength, and protection.
    • As a red colored jasper, it also promotes stamina, strength, energy, and determination. Additionally it wards away vengeance, anger, and anxiety.


Image Description
Big Red's gemstone is located on her tongue. It is a red rectangular gemstone with baguette facets.



  1. "She could also attack with her tongue, but rarely did due to her gemstone location"
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