Imperial Zircon is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter.


Imperial Zircon is a human-sized Gem and shares similar physical attributes to regular zircons. She has a slim figure, brown skin, a long nose, and fluffy beige hair that sticks from underneath her hood.

She wears a salmon colored suit underneath a large, poofy shoulder cape. The outfit also features two white cuffs, a belt, neck collar, and pointed boots. Imperial Zircon's gemstone is located on her chest.


Not much is known about Imperial Zircon's personality yet.


Imperial Zircon has standard Gem abilities.

Unique Abilities

  • Hologram Projection: Like most zircons, Imperial Zircon is capable of projecting images without technological assistance.


  • Imperial Zircon was originally designed for a canceled contest. She was designed alongside with Fireball Pearl.


Imperial Zircon 2.13ct

Imperial zircon in real life.

  • Imperial zircons are a pink brownish variety of zircon.
    • It has a chemical composition of ZrSiO4, a hardness of 7½, and a tetragonal crystal system.
    • The mineral is associated with a group named after itself.
  • These minerals are mostly found in igneous and sometimes metamorphic rocks.
  • They can come in a range of colors.
    • Colorless, yellow, orange, and red are the most common.
  • Zircons are the oldest minerals known on Earth.
    • The world's oldest zircons are 4.4 billion years old.
  • They are so important that geoscientists created "zirconology". Since zircons contain uranium and thorium, elements with known half-lives. When uranium decays, geoscientists can estimate its age.
  • It is an alternative birthstone for December.
  • Zircon's name comes from the Arabic (as well as Persian "azargun") "zar", gold, plus "gun", colored.
  • Metaphysically, zircons represent harmony, virtue, balance, and spirituality.


Image Description
Imperial Zircon's gemstone is located on her chest. It has a rectangular shape and is faceted the same way.


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