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Gembone is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. A tall terrifying member of the Elder Gems rarely ever see. She is the keeper of dark secrets, which she keeps hidden away from the public. The elder lives in the Valley of Bones, an area located in an old gem colony.


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Gembone in real life.

  • Gembone, also known as Dinosaur Bone, are mineralized bone fossils.
  • They are created from a process called permineralization. Mineral deposits form internal casts on organisms. The minerals are carried by water, which then fill the spaces within organic tissue.
  • MOHS hardness varies from varies from 3.5 to 7, depending on what mineral is casting the fossil. Rarely will gembone be harder than 7.
  • Because of the nature of the casts, permineralization is particularly useful in studies of the internal structures of organisms, usually of plants.
  • Gembone is one of a few gemstones created from organisms.
  • Many minerals can be found in Gembone including hematite, iron, pyrite, jasper, marcasite, agate, quartz, and other crystals.
  • Gembone can come in a multitude of colors with yellow and green being the rarest.
  • Ancient river beds, conglomerates, sedimentary deposits, and Morrison clays are where a great deal of gembone is found and formed.
  • Fortifications are usually added for value and eye appeal.
  • Dinosaur is derived from the Greek “deinos” meaning “great and fearful” and "sauros" meaning "lizard".
  • Metaphysically, gembone is called the stone of memory and ancient knowledge. It has ties to the deep past and is great for recalling past lives.
    • It increases energy, survival instincts (as well as calming anxiety associated with it), and communication skills.