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Eclipse Stone, originally named Bumblebee Stone, is a gemsona adopted by N.R. Wynter. She previously worked for an Elder Gem named Gedanite as a technician. Being fed up with her boring life, she ran off and became the allusive thief Eclipse Stone. She goes after Homeworld's secrets with her partner in crime, Amazonite.


  • Eclipse Stone was designed by Epixelle.
    • N.R. Wynter has made slight changes to the design.
  • She was originally an Abernathyite, but N.R. Wynter changed the gem type because bumblebee stone worked better for the design.


Jasper eclipse 395cts polished pebble

Eclipse stone in real life.

  • Eclipse stone, better known as bumblebee stone, is a carbonate rock.
    • It has hardness of 4 - 5.
  • Eclipse stone suffers from a number of misnormers. It has been called bumblebee jasper, bumblebee agate, mustard jasper, and many more. This material is not a quartz at all.
  • Its actual classification seems to be mixed: some claim it's a type of calcite or a sedimentary rock.
  • It's a matrix, although its contents aren't entirely understood.
    • Common inclusions noted in bumblebee stone are colorless calcite, sulfur, arsenic, pyrite, and realgar.
    • Orpiment is said to be included, but this information is inconclusive.
  • Eclipse stone is visibly porous.
  • These stones are formed in volcanic fumarole or vent environments.
  • They are only found in the west Java province of Indonesia.
  • Metaphysically, eclipse stone enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions.
    •  It can also help with bringing forth creativity and increase vitality.