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Coffee Bean Stone is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. She is a gem who lives on Earth. She runs a coffee shop with her friend Mocha Stone in Empire City.



Coffee bean stone in real life.

  • Coffee bean stone goes by many different names: coffee bean jasper, chohua jasper, flower jasper/stone, grass stone, Chinese picture jasper, and Chinese painting stone.
    • Using the term jasper for this material is incorrect. Coffee bean stones are not a type of jasper at all.
  • It is a type of sedimentary rock, but the specifics are unknown. Most sources say it's a type of dendritic siltstone, but some specimens may be limestone as well.
  • On the MOHS scale hardness, it ranges from 3½- 6½, sometimes in the same stone.
  • Coffee bean stones are formed by ancient rivers over long periods of time.
  • The patterns on coffee bean stone were formed over the ages by weathering and seepage of iron, manganese, and chlorine that interact with volcanic ash.
  • Coffee bean stones were discovered in 1979.
  • They are normally found in Southern China, but specimens have been found in Africa and India as well.
  • Metaphysically, coffee bean stone holds a strong access to Mother Nature energies which instigates fast, instinctive rejoinders without forfeiting logic.  It further persuades others to deem the skills of the carrier of high value.
    • It draws out pessimism and negativity, while the right behaviors that can help its carrier to look forward in life with confidence.
    • Coffee bean stone also provides stamina, compassion, humbleness, and even liberality.