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Atlantisite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter. They are the fusion of Pallasite and Lavender Chalcedony.


Atlantisite has standard Gem abilities.



  • Atlantisite was originally Mt. Hays Rhyolite until N.R. Wynter found out it was similar to another rhyolite, prompting her to change the gem type.


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Atlantisite in real life.

  • Atlantisite is a trade name for green serpentine rock that contains purple stichtite veins.
    • It may also contain magnetite, lizardite, chrysotile, and chromite.
    • Atlantisite is a type of metamorphic rock.
  • Atlantisite can be classified as a metasomatic or a meta-igneous rock based on the type of serpentine it contains.
  • It was discovered in 1910.
  • It is sometimes incorrectly called Tasmanite, which is a different mineral from atlantisite.
  • Atlantisite originated in Tasmania, Australia.
  • Atlantisite is named after Atlantis. It derives from the Greek word for island of Atlas and based on a fictional underwater city.
  • Metaphysically, atlantisite is a stone of visualization and emotional healing. It helps end disputes, bring spiritual awareness, and encourage understandings of love.
    • It's also protects and preserves one's beliefs, well being, and spirit.