A group of gems living on Earth. Their exact location is unknown, but they occupy an ancient gem colony ship in a large forest area.


  • Fire Agate: Leader of the Astro Gems. She instructs and manages the group while keeping them in line. The quartz gem does daily chores, break up arguments among the rowdier members, and patrols around the base. Fire Agate also has the responsibility of preventing or controlling wildfires, as part of her agreement with the rangers. When it comes to battle, she mostly fights offensively.
  • Blue Obsidian: They're in charge of helping the team morale. The positive attitude emitted by Blue Obsidian as well as making jokes and fun activities keep the team's spirits high. Because they've been on Earth the longest, they also help the gems communicate with humans. In combat, Blue Obsidian fights defensively.
  • Red Obsidian: Along with Blue Obsidian, they also try to help team morale. They often act as the other obsidian's anchor and attempts to be their voice of reason. This isn't always the case and Red Obsidian gets swept up with their antics and tomfoolery. In battle, Red Obsidian is a ranged fighter.
  • Jet: The technician and architect of the group. She's the one that transformed the ancient gem colony ship into a base. Jet is constantly expanding it and providing electricity for the others. She also manages the security around the base and the forest itself with robotic guards. Jet is a defense-ranged fighter.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline: The fusion of the group. She's a specialist in Earth's flora and is responsible in repairing plant life when the forest gets damaged.The fusion may also alert the other members via her telepathy with updates or warnings. Watermelon Tourmaline fights offensively in combat.
    • Green Tourmaline: A former kindergartner who decided plant life was better to work with. The only time she and Pink Tourmaline ever unfuse is when Green Tourmaline tends to her garden.
    • Pink Tourmaline: Was an aristocratic gem before meeting Green Tourmaline. She's the one responsible for Watermelon Tourmaline's psychic abilities.

Known Astro Gem Fusions:

  • Lava Fountain Agate is a name used for any fusion with Fire Agate and the obsidians. The fusions were only ever revealed as silhouettes and never made a debut appearance.
  • Purple Sheen Obsidian is a giant, four armed gem who wields a Whirligig Saw or buzz-saws-on-a-stick. Under their helmet, they have a heart shaped eye, glowing pink blush, and many rows of teeth. They are the fusion of Red and Blue Obsidians.
  • Rhodonite is the fusion of Red Obsidian and Jet.
  • Lightning Ridge Opal is the fusion of Blue Obsidian and Jet.
  • Watermelon Tourmaline is a tall, but very sweet fusion of Green and Pink Tourmalines. Her weapon is a ranseur.

Allied Members:

  • Rangers: A group of humans who manage the forest with federal funding. At first, they were reluctant to let the Astro Gems live in it as it was for wildlife conservation. Fire Agate negotiated with them to help manage lost plant life and wildfires that occurred yearly. In exchange, the gems are allowed to stay there and have their living space be off limits to other humans. The rangers will sometimes get visited by the gems to negotiate on other plans to further benefit both parties.


Although the team were living together for some time, they didn't officially become a group until much later. Blue Obsidian wanted to come up with a name for their group. Although Fire Agate was reluctant due to their living style, the obsidian came up with the name Astro Gems. Eventually, the name stuck and the group proceeded to call themselves as such. They all traveled together to find a new place to live after the first one was compromised.

Eventually, they stumbled upon an abandoned ancient gem colony ship in the woods. Because of the location, the five of them decided to make it their new base. It was decided that they all will live seclusively and avoid bringing attention to themselves. This didn't last long. As construction began, a ranger approached them and ordered them to leave. Not wanting to draw more attention to themselves, they went to speak with the other rangers. Fire Agate and one of the rangers made a deal: the gems would help control wildfire and replace the plants that were lost in exchange for the living space and have it be off limits to humans. The two parties kept their end of the deal ever since. The base was eventually finished and they all officially moved in.


  • It's believed Blue Obsidian came up with the group name after being inspired by a book that had the word astronaut on it.
    • Much to their dismay, they came up with several other names, but "Astro Gems" was the one that stuck.
  • Astro Gem's symbol, a comet, came from when the group watched a meteor shower together.
    • Blue Obsidian also designed the logo.
  • In regards to Lava Fountain Agate, they do have unofficial nicknames to differentiate them.
    • Blue Obsidian and Fire Agate's fusion is nicknamed "Blava".
    • Red Obsidian and Fire Agate's fusion is nicknamed "Relava".
  • According to N.R. Wynter, the Astro Gems don't have any alignment with Homeworld or the Crystal Gems.
    • She also describes them as "a group of friends living out their retirement in solitude".
      • This is the only thing the Astro Gems fight for.
  • Except for Fire Agate and Green Tourmaline, all Astro Gem members have their hairs tied back.