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Anthracite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter.


  • Originally was going to be coal, but N.R. Wynter changed it because of anthracite's ability to produced blue flames.
  • Anthracite was made in response to negativity surrounding gems with he/him pronouns.



Anthracite in real life.

  • Anthracite is a type of coal mostly made of carbon.
  • Its carbon content is 90% with no dry ash and less than 14% volatiles.
  • It is considered a high ranking coal.
  • Anthracite is associated with strongly deformed sedimentary rocks that were subjected to higher pressures and temperatures.
  • It is the least common type of coal.
  • An anthracite's main use is for heating. It produces more heat than regular coal.
    • Other industrial uses include steel production and used as power generators for power plants and internal combustion engines.
  • While it's hard to ignite anthracite, it can produce small, pale blue flames. It produces no smoke.
  • China is the world's largest anthracite producer.
  • It is sometimes used as imitations for the gemstone jet.
  • Anthracite derives from Greek word anthrakítēs , meaning "coal-like".
  • Metaphysically, anthracite is the stone of remorse. It helps one to have and show remorse when it's necessary. Additionally, anthracite removes loneliness, but also brings understanding and acceptance to situations.
    • It counts as a journey stone. It brings a sense of belonging, find peace in new change, and be able to move on from unstable stages in life. The stone also helps remove bad habits and damaging parts of life.